Voice Reach

Cost-efficient, flexible on-demand voice dialer platform.

Sms Reach

on-demand personalized SMS platform  pay only for delivered messages

Click To Call

Add a click-to-call button inside your emails, your SMS or on your website to directly connect your customers with the proper customer representatives.

Welcome to Cast Multimedia Worldwide

Since 2006, Cast Multimedia is working in enhancing communication possibilities through various technologies. (voice, SMS, E-mail)

We provide cost efficient technologies to improve communication with any large audience : users, clients, consumers, members, electorate, volunteers...

Cast Multimedia Worldwide


  •  Click to Call is a means of convergence between the Internet, fixed network and mobile
  • using Voice Reach you could contact 100 000 users in a few hours and interact with them by voice (TTS voice synthesis), ASR (voice recognition) and DTMF (telephone keypad)
  • using SMS Reach send SMS to unlimited mobile phone users immediately and interact with them asking them to respond to your short code (SMS address).