What we do

Since 2006, Cast Multimedia is working hard in enhancing communication possibilities through various technologies. (voice, SMS, E-mail)

We provide cost efficient technologies to improve communication with any large audience : users, clients, consumers, members, electorate, volunteers...

What we can achieve together

Protection and verification : Secure transaction

Avoid being victims of fraud or identy theft by sending a transaction alert.

  • reduce the percentage of fraudulous transactions

  • reduce the amount of money spent by your insurance to re-embourse fraudulous transaction

  • re-assure your customers that you protect them from fraud

Improve communication / interaction

Our technologies are deisgned to help you connect and communicate with your customers in the best effective way. By adding click-to-call to your SMS, your emails and your website, you’re always one click away from your customers.

  • Get instant responses when you contact your customers

  • Offer a perfect customer service by letting the sale representative help your clientele whenever they have a question

  • Your customer will never wait for your services

Voice and mobility capabilities

Add an other dimension to your IT systems. Contact your customers with a flexible, adapted and personalised technology. Reach out to your market where ever and when ever you need.

  • Favor direct\live exchanges with your customers
  • Adjust your campaign with the statitics and answer you retreive from our systems.
  • Use Text-To-Speech to personalise your exchanges

Dept recovery

Help your company reduce their lost by putting in place a effective technologie to recover the unpaid invoices.

  • Reduce the time and money spent to recover money from un paying customers
  • Give your customer a second chance to do business with you
  • Get the statistics needed to avoid losts.

Marketing, sales, surveys and growth

Our technologies are ingeneered to help you increase your sales, increase your visibility and built a strong and growing clientele. Our company also offers different technologies to get the information you need to take the best business decisions.

  • Unlike publicity, you get direct contact with your customers
  • Our technologies lets you react quickly and adapt your services to your customers needs
  • Customer service is always a priority with our technologies
  • Our technologies can be customized to your needs