Click To Call

Add a click-to-call button inside your emails, your SMS or on your website to directly connect your customers with the proper customer representatives.

Click-to-Call EMAIL : If you are already doing some email marketing campaigns, you could raise your return significantly by adding a click-to-call button inside your email to directly connect by phone the users with the proper customer representative.

Click-to-Call WEB SITE : Your web site visitors are always one-click-away, webcall will provide them another option to establish voice communication with them while protecting the focus on what they are currently doing on your web site.

Benefits for your customers and for your business

  • Raise the ROI on your email marketing campaigns, by adding a webcall button in your email content.
  • Improve the relation with your customers with efficient voice communications. As a customer, imagine never hearing a busy signal or being told to press 1 for customer service, and instead having the exact expert you want to talk to calling you, immediately. Another way to accomplish the same result is by having particular CTC buttons on a website connected to particular phone numbers, answered by experts in the particular products or services marketed on the pages containing that button. In other words, each CTC button can easily connect the end user to a different person or group, whoever is most appropriate.